Plated – A Review


I love exploring tiny cafes; they bring out the best of ideation, creativity and of course the food options! A dog-friendly cafe, Plated on New Bel Road is an array of colours, good service and a quirky menu! It has a Zomato rating of 3.9/5

On entering the cafe you are welcomed with a tiny space of wooden chairs and tables- with the cutlery being white and a glass bottle of lemon & basil infused water to clear your palette before you are served your food. You will also see vibrant yellow and orange posters here with caricatures, yellow lights with potted plans; it was compact yet cute and makes for a pleasant dining experience.

I went to this place twice. The first time I went for an extremely late breakfast and started with Masala Chai and strong Filter Coffee. The Masala Tea even after changing twice was not palatable for me; it just had a strange taste that I could not decipher. The ingredients tasted really raw. (I appreciate the staff trying to customize it, but it just did not work) On the other hand, the coffee was delicious! Strong, slightly bitter and a definite wake-up! For food, I tried the ‘6 minute egg & avocado toast’ – it was divine! Sour and delicious. Also tried the Ciabatta Pesto Sandwich which I quite enjoyed.


I have also tried the French fries served with a portion of home-made mayo. The fries were actually made of sweet potato and cut in grizzly shapes which was an interesting thing and very rare in other restaurants. I also loved the salt & pepper drizzle on it which made it nice and spicy! We then saw someone eating pancakes we just had to have it! We chose the Regular Pancakes with maple syrup, cinnamon sugar and banana topping. The pancakes tasted SO bloody good. They were really soft, fluffy with just the right amount of sweet. Plus 4 gigantic pieces for 130 bucks was such a steal! (Just please include more bananas next time!)




I couldn’t believe my eyes that the bill was Rs.280 and with taxes Rs.330! For a person residing in Indiranagar and paying that for a drink and appetizer it was a STEAL. Please take inspiration from Chai Point to make the perfect tea 🙂 (My only low point for not giving this a 5/5)


70, 80 Feet Road, RMV 2nd stage, New BEL Road, Bangalore


Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 5/5

Love, Mansi x

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