#CheatDayFriday: Chai Galli – Refreshing, Authentic & Delicious Tea


A self-confessed chai lover, I have gone to so many places far off and away to find the perfect tea for myself. Landed here on a weekend and couldn’t thank my stars that I am getting high on chai instead of alcohol (:D) ‘Chai Galli’ is this gorgeous place in Koramangala, very close to Jyoti Nivas College that has a massive Zomato rating of 4.4/5. I personally LOVED everything about this place.

On entering, you are welcomed with quirky, over-the-top colourful posters of the most famous Bollywood films dating from the 70’s to 90’s. It’s so blissful to the eye when the brightness of the walls are so attractive. The place where I sat was not actually seats; but comfortable, brown wooden swings accompanied with high tables. The other tables were a fine mix of yellow and brown; very pleasing. There was “Tip Tip Bara Pani” playing behind while we enjoyed our chai & food leaving us with no complaints.


We started our meal with a pot of Masala Tea which was served in tiny glass containers  and Parle G biscuits (very authentic) and a Green Tea Kahwa. The aroma of the masalas just made my night; it was so fresh and tasted as good as the smell. The sugar was perfect to and it was a lovely cleanser to begin my food. The Green tea had a refreshing kashmiri taste to it, with pure & natural ingredients. A special mention to the pots we were served in. There were actual DDLJ posters on it.


Then we moved on to our appetizers; and ordered a crunchy Dal Pakwan and Garlic Bread. I had very high expectations of the Dal pakwan, but it disappointed me as it was tasting more like a masala papad and definitely has a scope of improvement. The garlic bread on the other hand was extremely well made in terms of quantity and quality. The pieces served were generous and the bread had a perfect crunch and was cooked perfectly with dollops of butter. (If you are watching your weight you can avoid this :D)



Lastly, for the main course we tried the Chole Kulche combo- it consisted of thickly made kulchas stuffed with delicate paneer, a bowl of chole masala, finely cut onions and lemons. My only concern was that the cottage cheese was too much and could be reduced. It makes the dish very heavy and our body uncomfortable. Though taste-wise I did not have much negative thoughts as it did not taste bad.

If I had to comment, the soul of this place lies in its colourful and welcoming ambience, the courteous & pleasant staff and the quick serving of food. Definitely visiting again and so should you if you love chai as much as me 🙂



59, Ground Floor, Opposite Jyoti Niwas College, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore


Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Love, Mansi x

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