#Trending: I’m Neon; and I Love it


I have come to realise that image editing and learning new design tools are something that I am really passionate about. I remember my tryst with learning this began when I was in class 9, on this website where people used something called ‘siggies’ which was image signatures. I downloaded this Corel Draw software and […]

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:5 Times I fell in love with purple:


Do you know you have some colours that you actually really love, but never own anything in them? I have this bad habit of choosing black over anything! Be it a perfect pair of shoes or a simple black kurti- my eyes are always hunting for an alternate colour; which is black. And obviously, this […]

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#FashionGoals: My love-hate relationship with Sonam Kapoor


I’m sure there are a lot of people like me who just cannot stand the squeaky voiced Sonam Kapoor. Ever since her launch as an actress I’ve had a very confusing love-hate feeling about her. Yes, she’s a terrible actress; but yes she has a fabulous dressing sense. Sometimes I feel she should just dress […]

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:Trip to London – Part 1:


London, as they say is definitely a city of dreams..the beautiful clean roads & weather, extravagant sky high buildings, men and women walking on the roads dressed in everything you watch only in movies..the convenient travelling in the tube or Oxford street..there is absolutely nothing I missed..and I did ensure that. I was in London […]

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:Christian Louboutin’s New Fragrances Are Here:


July  was undoubtedly one of the most memorable month of mine this year. Not only did I travel abroad alone for the first time, but I also gathered a bucketful of information & experiences for life. It maybe a girl thing, but fashion has always excited me beyond just shopping. The trends, the styles or […]

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Trending: Leggings, Jeggings And Now ..Treggings!!


Fashion is funny you know? One day you randomly get up and hear a word that you would have never heard in your entire life! ‘Treggings’ – got any idea about this? Well for people who may not be as interested me in fashion, but are curious; here is some help. Leggings started out first, […]

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:How A Denim Jacket Saved My Life:


Denim jackets – just visualising the fabric you can feel how comfortable it would feel on your skin. Delicately stitched, designed to perfection; and if it fits you like a dream, there is nothing more you can ask for! Remember the days when dungarees both pants and shorts were so much in trend? As kids, atleast for […]

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I can’t remember how, or when my obsession for fringe started. But one thing that I totally vouch for is that it is ever increasing! That means even though months have passed I still drool over everything fringe. Be it bags or shoes or jackets! Whenever I am out shopping, or lazing on a weekend […]

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:Colour Me Black:


“because SHE chose to see the WORLD in bright BOLD colours” I personally have this super fascination with colours. Yes, my eternal favourite colour will always remain black, there is no doubt in that! But neon colours or colours more on the brighter side have always attracted me the most. Be it a dash of […]

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#Travelog- Summers in Mumbai


Mumbai, as they call it the city of dreams did give me a bit of a nightmare when I landed on a sunny Thursday morning. As I gorged on a delicious Mumbai special ‘vada pav’ I hailed a taxi and was on the way to my hotel. Being absolutely sleep deprived because of my early morning flight, […]

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